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About Us

AIM Weight Management was founded based on the understanding that no two people are the same. We offer a unique approach and partner with our patients to create individualized plans based on both short-term and long-term goals. Whether your goal is to lose 15 pounds or 150 pounds, lower your blood sugar, blood pressure or the amount of “pills” you take in a day, or simply just to feel better about yourself when you look in the mirror, we can help. Our providers offer personalized, medically supervised plans and support patients to achieve and maintain weight loss, as well as to help them improve their overall health status.

Each plan is tailored specifically for each patient by utilizing state of the art, non-invasive, diagnostic testing which helps us to determine an individual’s own metabolic needs and therefore guides us in establishing a plan that is created just for them.

In addition to regularly scheduled face to face visits, we offer an easy to use app (available through the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store)which can help to simplify the process and allows us to follow patients’ day to day progress and give feedback and guidance directly to each patient personally. Additionally, we are pleased to offer health coaching from a registered dietician nutritionist, who can also help guide our patients in making choices, meal planning, and creating strategies for success.


This is not a standard “cookie cutter” diet (although cutting out the cookies is a good start)



  • Medically supervised weight management through collaboration with Physician or Nurse Practitioner, and Registered Dietician
  • Weight Loss Prescription management
  • Body composition scale analysis at every office visit
  • Customized determination of ideal weight and personalized caloric/nutrient needs
  • Analysis of daily eating patterns, nutritional education,  and personalized nutrition planning support
  • Medical nutrition therapy for variety of disease states including: diabetes, cardiovascular disease, hypertension, high cholesterol, gastrointestinal disorders, and sleep apnea
  • Nutrition counseling for all weight goals (weight loss, maintenance, or gain)
  • Individualized menu planning, healthy eating habit education and advice, custom exercise prescription
  • Cognitive behavior therapy, motivational interviewing
  • Full and Partial meal replacement options



Option 1
Medical visits with Dr. Grobman
Initial $350
Follow up $150
Registered Dietitian follow up $75
Daily Health coaching with dietician $50/week

Option 2
Medical visits with Nurse Practitioner Jenne O’Neill
Initial $250
Follow up $100
Registered Dietician follow up $75
Daily Health Coaching with dietitian $50/week

Option 3
Registered Dietician visits
Initial $100
Follow up $75
Daily Health coaching $50/week
Dr. Grobman visits 25% off
Jenne O’Neill visits 25% off

Option 4
Online Visits
Initial dietitian visit (or included in….)  Health Coaching option $75
Follow up Registered Dietician $50

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Our staff will gladly schedule you for an appointment:
Telephone: 516.352.8100
Fax: 516.352.7348
Online: click here
Administrative Office Hours: Monday 10am-8pm, Tuesday-Friday 9am-5pm

AIM Weight Management is a medically supervised service, where patients work directly with our medical healthcare providers to create a personalized weight-loss plan based on their specific medical and individual needs, goals, health status, and lifestyle.

You will meet with your health care provider at every visit. All recommendations are personalized based on a patient’s own needs – there is no one path that all patients follow; plans are able to be modified along the way as needed, therefore it’s a custom tailored plan created just for you! (Alternations are available to accommodate success, as size and body shape will likely change as a result.)

We are founded on the understanding that no two people are the same, so no two plans are the same. There is no “program”, each patient’s plan is based on their health status and goals while keeping lifestyle and preferences in consideration.

You will be asked to fast for four (4) hours before your first visit. This will enable us to perform calorimetry, which is a breathing test that will help us determine your body’s daily caloric requirement. We will also require a urine sample, obtain blood work, check vital signs, and perform an EKG (as needed.) All this will help us obtain objective baseline medical information to consider when creating your plan.

Once all this information is gathered you will meet with the health care provider who will review the information with you, address any concerns and questions, and work with you to formulate a plan that is both medically appropriate and suited to your needs, goals and lifestyle. Due to the preliminary testing, your first visit may last 1-2 hours; subsequent visits will not require as much time, but please allow for this when scheduling.

Medication is not required, although it may be a helpful option that we are able to offer for some patients. The healthcare provider will sit down with you to review your information and make recommendations that are suitable for you – both with and without medication.

Prior to your visit you’ll speak to one of our qualified billing experts, who will check your plan’s coverage and go over the details with you so there are no surprises after you meet with us. We also have non-insurance payment options available.